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Why Obama Won the 08 Presidential Election

Barack Obama decisively won the presidential election due to many factors, including weaknesses of his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain. His own strengths also helped propel him to victory in the 2008 race to become the 44th President of the United States. Empathy and Genuine Help for Middle-Class Americans Barack Obama gets what it means for a family to worry financially, to work hard simply to make it, and to do without essentials. Obama was born to a teenage mother, abandoned by his father at age 2, and raised largely in a small apartment by his middle-class grandparents. At one point, Obama, his mother, and younger sister relied on food stamps to put meals on the family table. Michelle Obama, close counselor and best friend to her husband, and her brother were similarly raised in modest circumstances in a one-bedroom apartment on the South Side of Chicago. Both Barack and Michelle Obama speak frequently about what it means for middle-class Americans to be at a disadvantage financially and otherwise. Because they get it, both Obamas referred with heartfelt eloquence to middle-class fears during the campaign and early years of the Obama presidency, including: The climbing unemployment rateThe staggering home foreclosure rate gripping the nationCrashing 401(k) and pension plans, leaving retirements in limbo48 million Americans without healthcare insuranceHigh percentages of public schools failing our childrenThe continuing struggle of middle-class families to balance work and parenting demands In vivid contrast, John and particularly Cindy McCain exuded an aura of financial insularity and well-heeled elegance. Both were born wealthy and were quite wealthy for their entire lives. When cornered by Pastor Rick Warren during the campaign, John McCain defined rich as I think if youre just talking about income, how about $5 million. Middle-class anger was palpable about economic fairness during those tough financial times and came after what many viewed as then-President George W. Bushs $700 billion bailout of rich Wall Streeters. Obama offered actual, understandable policy solutions to help middle-class Americans, including: A detailed 12-point program to repair the economy for middle-class families, including a $1,000 tax cut, creation of 5 million new jobs, protection of family homes from foreclosure, and reform of unfair bankruptcy laws.A Small Business Emergency Rescue Plan which included emergency lending for small and family-owned businesses, special tax incentives, and tax cuts, and expansion of Small Business Administration support and services.A specific plan to reform Wall Street practices, including new regulation of the financial markets, to blunt the greedy influence of special interests, crackdown on manipulation of financial markets, and more. John McCains tin ear on middle-class financial woes was evident in his prescription for the economy: more tax-cuts for major corporations, and continuation of the Bush tax cuts for U.S. millionaires. And this McCain stance was consistent with his stated desire to slash Medicare and privatize Social Security. The American public was fed-up with failed Bush/McCain economics, which claimed that prosperity would eventually trickle down to everyone else. Obama won the presidential race largely because voters perceived that he, and not John McCain, cared about and would address middle-class economic struggles and inequities. Steady Leadership, Calm Temperament Barack Obama earned at least 407 newspaper endorsements, versus 212 for John McCain. Without exception, every Obama endorsement referred to his presidential-like personal and leadership qualities. And all echo the same basics about Obamas calm, steady, thoughtful nature, versus McCains impetuousness and unpredictability. Explained  The Salt Lake Tribune, which has rarely endorsed a Democrat for president: Under the most intense scrutiny and attacks from both parties, Obama has shown the temperament, judgment, intellect and political acumen that are essential in a president that would lead the United States out of the crises created by President Bush, a complicit Congress and our own apathy. The Los Angeles Times noted: We need a leader who demonstrates thoughtful calm and grace under pressure, one not prone to volatile gesture or capricious pronouncement ... as the presidential race draws to its conclusion, it is Obamas character and temperament that come to the fore. It is his steadiness. His maturity. And from  the Chicago Tribune, founded in 1847, which had never before endorsed a Democrat for the presidency: We have tremendous confidence in his intellectual rigor, his moral compass and his ability to make sound, thoughtful, careful decisions. He is ready... Obama is deeply grounded in the best aspirations of this country, and we need to return to those aspirations. ... He has risen with his honor, grace and civility intact. He has the intelligence to understand the grave economic and national security risks that face us, to listen to good advice and make careful decisions. In contrast, during the past two months of the 08 presidential campaign, John McCain acted (and overreacted) inconsistently, unpredictably, and without forethought. Two examples of McCains unsteady leadership were his erratic behavior during the financial markets meltdown, and in his poorly-vetted pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate. John McCain served as the perfect foil to highlight Obamas solidly grounded leadership skills. Obamas even-keel temperament made him seem well-suited to be president for the troubled, turbulent times. And the mere image of ultra-volatile, careless John McCain in the White House was enough to scare the majority of the electorate into supporting Obama. Health Care Insurance Americans were finally fed-up enough with the unfairness of health care delivery in this country to be ready to make the issue a priority in selecting a president. The United States is the only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not have a universal health care system. As a result, in 2008, more than 48 million U.S. men, women, and children had no health care insurance. Despite being ranked No. 1 in health care spending by the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. was ranked  72nd among 191 nations  in 2000 in overall level of health of its citizens. And the state of U.S. health care deteriorated further under the Bush administration. Obama set for a health care plan and policies that would fairly ensure that every American will have access to good quality medical care services. McCains health care plan was a stunningly radical scheme that would: Still exclude millions of the uninsuredRaise income taxes for most American familiesIn the opinion of most experts, cause millions of employers to drop health care policies for their employees And unbelievably, McCain wanted to deregulate the health care insurance industry, much as Republicans disastrously deregulated U.S. financial markets under President George Bush. Obamas Health Care Plan Obamas plan intended to make available a new plan to all Americans, including the self-employed and small businesses, to buy affordable health coverage that is similar to the plan available to members of Congress. The new plan was to include: Guaranteed eligibilityNo one would be turned away from any insurance plan because of illness or pre-existing conditionsComprehensive benefitsAffordable premiums, co-pays, and deductiblesEasy enrollmentPortability and choice Employers that did not offer or make a significant contribution to the cost of quality health coverage for their employees would be required to contribute a percentage of payroll toward the costs of this plan. Most small businesses would be exempt from this mandate. The Obama plan required only that all children have health care coverage. McCains Health Care Plan John McCains health care plan was designed to control health care costs and to deregulate, and thus enrich, the healthcare industry, and was not necessarily designed to offer health care coverage to the uninsured. For consumers, the McCain plan: Required that insurance policies from employers be included in employees taxable income, along with salary and bonuses, thereby causing employees income taxes to increase;Then provided a $5,000 tax credit to partially offset increased income taxesDeleted the employee health care insurance income tax deduction for all employers Innumerable experts predicted that these massive McCain changes would: Cause the taxable income of the average family of four to rise by about $7,000Cause employers to drop health care insurance for employeesCause an increase, not decrease, in Americans without health care coverage McCains plan was intended to push millions of Americans into the market to buy their own individual health care policies, which will be offered by a newly deregulated health care insurance industry. Newsweek reported, The Tax Policy Center estimates that 20 million workers will leave the employer-based system, not always voluntarily. Midsize and smaller companies are likely to drop their plans ... CNN/Money added, McCain sorely lacks a plan for people in their 50s without corporate benefits, and Americans with pre-existing conditions, who would be brutally stripped of coverage if insurance crosses state lines. Observed blogger Jim MacDonald: The result ... won’t be healthy competition that will lower costs for everyone. It’ll be higher costs and fewer options for the poor, the old, and the sick. That is, the people who need health care. Young, healthy, rich people won’t be affected ... Obamas Plan: The Only Viable Choice Obamas plan fairly and inexpensively ensured that all Americans have access to quality health care services, but without the government providing those services. McCains health care plan was intended to free the business community from providing for its employees, to enrich the health care insurance industry, and increase income taxes for all Americans. But not to provide health care services for the uninsured. For anyone who valued their health care insurance, Barack Obama was the only viable choice for president. Withdrawal of Combat Troops from Iraq Barack Obama bested Hillary Clinton by a small margin for the 08 Democratic presidential nomination due mainly to their differing positions on the Iraq War, especially at the wars inception in 2002. Sen. Hillary Clinton  voted yes in 2002  to give the Bush administration authorization to attack and invade Iraq. Sen. Clinton rightfully believes that Congress was misled by Bush, and after a while, she admitted her regret for her vote. But Clintons 2002 support for the unpopular war was brutal fact. In contrast, Barack Obama famously  spoke out in late 2002 against the Iraq War  before Congress voted, declaring: I dont oppose all wars. What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war. What I am opposed to is the cynical attempt ... to shove their own ideological agendas down our throats, irrespective of the costs in lives lost and in hardships borne. What I am opposed to is the attempt by political hacks like Karl Rove to distract us from a rise in the uninsured, a rise in the poverty rate, a drop in the median income, to distract us from corporate scandals and a stock market that has just gone through the worst month since the Great Depression. Obama on the Iraq War Obamas stance on the Iraq War  was unambiguous: He planned to immediately begin to remove our troops from Iraq. He promised to remove one to two combat brigades each month and to have all of our combat brigades out of Iraq within 16 months. Once in office, however, Obama stuck to the Bush administration timetable of complete withdrawal by December 31, 2011. Under an Obama administration, the U.S. would not build or maintain any permanent bases in Iraq. He planned to temporarily maintain some noncombat troops in Iraq to protect our embassy and diplomats, and to complete the training of Iraq troops and police forces, as necessary. Also, Obama planned to launch the most aggressive diplomatic effort in recent American history to reach a new compact on the stability of Iraq and the Middle East. This effort would include all of Iraq’s neighbors, including Iran and Syria. McCain on the Iraq War McCain, a third-generation Naval officer, voted in 2002 to give President Bush full authority to attack and invade Iraq. And hes continually served as supporter and cheerleader for the U.S. War in Iraq, albeit with occasional objections to strategies. At the 08 Republican Convention and on the campaign trail, McCain and running mate Palin frequently proclaimed a goal of victory in Iraq and scoff at withdrawal timetables as foolish and premature. McCains website proclaimed, ... it is strategically and morally essential for the U.S. to support the Government of Iraq to become capable of governing itself and safeguarding its people. He strongly disagrees with those who advocate withdrawing American troops before that has occurred. McCain took this stance: Despite the  $12 billion monthly pricetag  to U.S. taxpayersDespite the fact that the Iraqi government had a substantial budgetary surplusDespite mounting deaths and permanent maimings of U.S. soldiersDespite exhaustion of U.S armed forcesDespite the crippling effect the Iraq War has on U.S. armed forces abilities to address other conflicts and emergencies Gen. Colin Powell, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former secretary of state, disagreed with McCain, as did Gen. Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO, and as did dozens of other retired generals, admirals and other top brass. The Bush administration also disagreed with John McCain. On November 17, 2008, the Bush administration and the Iraqi government signed a status of forces agreement to begin troop withdrawals. Even Gen. David Petraeus, often referred to with great reverence by McCain,  told the British press  that he would never use the word victory to describe U.S. involvement in Iraq and  commented: This is not the sort of struggle where you take a hill, plant the flag and go home to a victory parade ... its not war with a simple slogan. The hard truth is that John McCain, Vietnam War POW, was obsessed with the Iraq War. And he couldnt seem to shake his angry, unhealthy obsession despite either reality or exorbitant cost. Voters Wanted Out of Iraq Per  CNN/Opinion Research Corp. polling  from October 17 to 19, 2008, 66% of all Americans disapproved of the Iraq war. Obama was on the correct side of this issue, according to the voting public, especially per the centrist, swing voters who decide most election outcomes. Obama won the 2008 presidential election in part because he consistently exhibited wise judgment on the Iraq War, and because he insisted on the correct course of action. Joe Biden as Running Mate Sen. Barack Obama won the presidency in part because of his wise selection of highly experienced, well-liked Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware as his vice-presidential running mate. The first job of the vice president is to assume the presidency should the president become incapacitated. No one doubted that Joe Biden was fully prepared to become President of the United States, should that terrible occasion have arisen. The second job of the vice president is to be of constant counsel to the president. In his 36 years in the U.S. Senate, Biden was one of the  most respected American leaders on foreign policy, the U.S. judiciary, crime, civil liberties, and many other vital areas. With his gregarious, warm personality, Biden was suited to offer direct, smart counsel to the 44th president, as he has done for many other U.S. presidents. As an added bonus, the working chemistry and mutual respect between Obama and Biden were excellent. For Americans concerned about Barack Obamas level of experience, Joe Bidens presence on the ticket added a large dose of gravitas. Had he selected one of the able, but far less experienced candidates on his short list (Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, to name two top contenders), Barack Obama may have been less likely to reassure a majority of voters that the Democratic ticket was experienced enough to tackle the days tough issues. Joe Biden vs. Sarah Palin Joe Bidens deep grasp of the issues, appreciation of U.S. history and laws, and steady, experienced leadership were in jarring contrast to that of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential candidate. Republican nominee, 72-year-old John McCain, has wrestled with three episodes of melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin cancer, and had an in-depth skin cancer check every few months. McCains serious health challenges greatly increased the risk that he could become incapacitated and/or pass away in office, which would have required his vice president to become president of the United States. It was widely recognized, even by a plethora of conservative pundits, that Sarah Palin was wholly unprepared to assume the presidency. In contrast, Joe Biden was widely regarded as well prepared to assume the presidency.

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Fineprint Case Study - 1033 Words

Case 1: FinePrint Company Introduction The given case, FinePrint Company, is a case to determine whether or not John Johnson, the owner of FinePrint Company, should (1) accept a one-time discounted special pricing order and (2) whether or not he should consider outsourcing some of his printing. Throughout the report, the different issues will be identified, alternatives identified and assessed and a recommendation will be made for John Johnson in which he should execute upon as well as a conclusion. Issue Identification In the case, John Johnson was called by Abbie Jenkins, who indicated that she needed a onetime print job done for her 25,000 brochures. Abbie mentioned that she could only afford to pay him $10 per 100 brochures which†¦show more content†¦Page 3 APPENDIX 1 Alternative Evaluation Option 1- Decline both offers. Do not accept Abbie’s print job and do not outsource Revenue Variable Costs Direct Material, variable Direct Labor, variable Manufacturing Overhead, variable Sales, variable Total Variable Costs Contribution Margin (Revenue-Variable Costs) Fixed Costs Direct Labor, fixed Manufacturing Overhead, fixed Sales, fixed Corporate, fixed Total Fixed Costs 3000 3375 1875 3750 12000 22500 6000 1500 1500 1500 10500 15000 OPERATING INCOME (CM - Total Fixed Costs) Option 2- Accept Abbie’s print job and do not outsource Revenue Variable Costs Direct Material, variable Direct Labor, variable Manufacturing Overhead, variable Sales, variable Total Variable Costs Contribution Margin (Revenue-Variable Costs) Page 4 3,000 23750 6000 1500 1500 1250 10250 13500 Fixed Costs Direct Labor, fixed Manufacturing Overhead, fixed Sales, fixed Corporate, fixed Total Fixed Costs 3000 3375 1875 3750 12000 OPERATING INCOME (CM - Total Fixed Costs) 1,500 Option 3- Accept Abbie’s print job and outsource to SmallPrint Shop Revenue Variable Costs Direct Material, variable Direct Labor, variable Manufacturing Overhead, variable Sales, variable Cost to Outsource Total Variable Costs Contribution Margin (Revenue-Variable Costs) Fixed Costs Direct Labor, fixed Manufacturing Overhead, fixedShow MoreRelatedForty Hadith Imam Nawawi23268 Words   |  94 Pagescommentaries also try to offer discussions on related contemporary issues pertaining to certain concepts mentioned in these hadiths. h p: //fo tyhadi th. iiu e m r . du. y h p: //f o tyhadi th. iiu e m /hadi ths . h m r . du. y t PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version 1. Actions are judged by intentions It is narrated on the authority of Amirul Mu minin, Abu Hafs Umar bin al-Khattab, radiyallahu anhu, who said: I heard the

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Elizabeth The First Was The Queen Of England And Ireland

Elizabeth the First was the Queen of England and Ireland from 1553 to 1603. She was the final and fifth monarch of the Tudor dynasty. Elizabeth had many talents, which enabled her to be a capable, strong leader. For many reasons Elizabeth was one of the most notable personalities of Tudor, one being that she kept stability in a nation that was troubled with political and religious rebellion. Against the pressures of parliament she maintained authority of the crown. She was able to transform England’s empire from a very weak place to England’s Golden Age. During her reign the greatest artistic brilliance in English history was created, the birth of Shakespeare, the rise of trade, the rich were taxed to help the poor, and the defeat of the†¦show more content†¦He served Elizabeth for forty years. Elizabeth never married and no one knows what her attitude towards marriage was. While Elizabeth was Queen, she was not focused on conquering other countries and expanding England. She was more focused on England’s exploration and trade. Elizabeth recognized that focusing on her country would help things get turned around. Trade was very important to her country. Merchants during her time were encouraged to find new markets and land for their goods. English merchants during her reign, began to trade in the Americas and England became famous for its explorers. Many new voyages to find new land were paid for by the Queen. Examples of some explorers were Martin Frobisher who reached Northern Canada. Humphrey Gilbert who claimed a new found land for his Queen. Sir Walter Raleigh made the first English voyage to Northern America. The most famous explorer was Frances Drake. He sailed all the way around the world in his ship and after he sailed back home to England. Elizabeth made him a Knight and gave him the name Sir Frances Drake. Queen Elizabeth I supported and encouraged poetry, plays, and music. Poets and playwrights would perform their writings in front of her. For church services composer would write their own music. Elizabeth sang, danced, and played the lute. William Shakespeare was Elizabeth’s favorite playwright of her time. It is known that Shakespeare wrote a play justShow MoreRelatedQueen Mary Stuart Of Scotland And Queen Elizabeth I Of England1015 Words   |  5 Pagesperiod of history, there was a feud that came about that dominated Europe. Cousins, Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland and Queen Elizabeth I of England, formed an unpleasant relationship that ended with execution. The scandalous rivalry between Mary, Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I had a profound effect on the politics of their time. Queen Elizabeth I was much more regal than her cousin, Mary Stuart of Scotland, and ruled her kingdom with poise and sophistication. When Elizabeth came into power, sheRead MoreChange in the Reigning Royalty of Britain1048 Words   |  4 Pages The death of Queen Elizabeth I, one of England’s longest reigning queens, left some English people grief stricken at the loss of their monarch while others were more focused on the need to name her successor. Because of a familial connection James Stuart, a relative of Queen Elizabeth, acceded the throne on March 24th, 1603. With his installation, James became king of not only England but Scotland and Ireland as well. James’ reign would begin a period which would spawn three civil warsRead MoreElizabeth I Than Any Other Of The Tudor Monarchs1695 Words   |  7 PagesHistorians have dedicated more biographies to Elizabeth I than any other of the Tudor monarchs. Elizabeth was the only daughter of Henry VIII and his se cond wife, Anne Boleyn. Books relating to aspects of Queen Elizabeth I s life currently run into the hundreds. The time that a certain biography was written is an important factor to bear in mind when reading about this historical figure. Despite that historical facts are unchanging, the historian s perspectives and interpretations, as well as theirRead More Why the Spanish Armada Invaded Britain and Lost Essay1180 Words   |  5 Pagesto do so, was it down to luck or were the British too smart for the Spanish. And was it all Englands glory? The Spanish wanted to invade England was mainly to turn England back into a catholic country, and to get Queen Elizabeth of the throne and to get a queen who was for the catholic monarch on the throne. However there are many other reasons: Firstly Philip II couldn?t accept that was not the king of England, as he was married to Queen Mary I, who was the Queen before Elizabeth. Secondly,Read MoreBattle During The Elizabethan Era1142 Words   |  5 Pages1500’s there was a period in time six years before Shakespeare was born Queen Elizabeth took thrown and became queen of England. It was like the most recognized era in the English history , the era was most recognized because of so many things that happened that were important to the English. Other reasons why it was important was of the plays that took plays in the theaters that were composed by many people especially William Shakespeare. When Queen Elizabeth 1 became queen there was violence thatRead MoreElizabeth I Researc h Paper1591 Words   |  7 PagesEnglish III Elizabeth I I, Overview Elizabeth I (known simply as Elizabeth until the accession of Elizabeth II; 7 September 1533 – 24 March 1603) was queen regnant of England and Ireland from 17 November 1558 until her death. Sometimes called The Virgin Queen, Gloriana or Good Queen Bess, Elizabeth was the fifth and last monarch of the Tudor dynasty. The daughter of Henry VIII, she was born a princess, but her mother, Anne Boleyn, was executed two and a half years after her birthRead MoreElizabeth I and the Spanish Armada Essay1352 Words   |  6 PagesElizabeth I and the Spanish Armada The cold, stormy night was all too familiar to the English. A devious plan by Spains king, Philip II, was being formed to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I of England and rid the world of the English heretics.1 It was a story of deception, false judgments, and poor planning. What was one kings dream turned into his countrys nightmare. While the Spanish had bad leaders, the English had good ones. The Spanish had bigger, but slower ships, while the English hadRead MoreMary Queen of Scots Research Paper686 Words   |  3 PagesMary Queen of Scots Research Paper * 1542 * 8 December; Mary Stuart is born at Linlithgow Palace * 14 December; James V, King of Scots, Marys father, dies at 31 * 1543 * Mary crowned Queen of Scots * 1546 * Cardinal Beaton is murdered; ascendancy of pro-French party * 1547 * January; King Henry VIII of England dies * March; King Francis I of France dies * 10 September; battle of Pinkie; Scots defeated by EnglishRead MoreElizabeth : A Dangerous World Of Political Conspiracy970 Words   |  4 PagesElizabeth was the daughter of a disrespected and executed mother; Elizabeth was the last in line to take over the throne of England. Elizabeth was born into a dangerous world of political conspiracy, on September 7th, 1533. England had been ravaged by religious conflict, was at war with Spain and France, and in debt when Elizabeth took control of the throne. Scandals and politics made Elizabeth reject Robert Dudley, her true love, and execute his stepson, Lord Essex. This book shows the witty,Read MoreA Kingdom Strange By Dr. James Horn1736 Words   |  7 PagesJasneet kaur Professor Triston Young History 1301 4/30/2016 A kingdom strange The author of the book, a kingdom strange, is Dr. James Horn. Horn was born in Kent, England. He got his doctors of philosophy in History from University of Chicago, Field of Concentration: Early Modern Europe in 1982. Horn moved from England in twentieth century and currently lives in Williamsburg, Virginia. He taught at University of Brighton for twenty years. Dr. James Horn is the Vice president of research and historical

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Data Analysis in Business Skills

Question: Discuss about the Data Analysis in Business Skills. Answer: Introduction This report is based on the competitive and marketing analysis of the Monash University. The marketing analysis of the Monash University helps to identify its strategic position, opportunities, and threats in the Australian market. Moreover, in this report, it analyses the various models like PEST analysis, Competitor analyses, SWOT analyses, Value position analyses, segmentation and target market analysis to evaluate the strategic capabilities in the market. These models help the university to measure the degree of its competitiveness. It also helps to take strategic decisions in the long term which benefits to generate sufficient revenue. Monash University is an Australian University located in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded in the year 1958.It is second oldest university in the state of Victoria. It is listed under top 10 Universities of Australia. The University is largest in students body size around 40,300 includes national and international students and it has seven local and international campuses (ABS, 2017). It provides a lot of undergraduate and postgraduate courses to the students and mainly focuses on the research field. Moreover, Monash also partnership with government, NGOs and companies to get relevant and updated information on current issues and trends that could be updated their syllabus and students can gain the updated knowledge which is useful for current and global context. Moreover, University provides the practical learning environment to the students so that they can apply their learnings in their career advancement (Australianuniversities, 2017). It provides the happening campus life, scholarship programs and flexible tuition fees for students. The University management makes strategic decisions to remain competitive in an Australia. Market Summary and Demand Assessment of Monash University Monash University marketing plan is to develop the effective strategy to remain competitive in the market. The University updates their syllabus according to the current trends of the market. also it focuses on the research part of their curriculum. Monash University aware students and regular update their courses according to the changing trends of the market. The marketing summary of the university is to give practical learning to their students so that they can enhance their capabilities in corporate culture (Monash University, 2017).Demand assessment refers that the overall demand of the University in the Market. The University has enrolled the highest number of local and international students in the Australia in past recent years. The practical learning approach and focus on research-based study makes their demand high in the market. The well qualified staff, good campus life, flexible fees structure and full time resident program make the students different in the competitive world. Target market and Segmentation of Monash University The target markets of the Monash University are local and international students for their different courses. Moreover, the university targets the students organizations and high qualified faculty that helps its to accomplish its objectives. In future, the university will target the working professionals for their executive programs. The main aim of the university is to provide the quality education to their students. The segmentation of the Monash university is focus on the below areas (Intead, 2017). In the above given figure it depicts that the Universitys segment market is aspiring students, working professionals, beginners and industry professionals. In every segment Monash provides the quality, innovative and practical approach in their curriculum. Current Marketing Mix Analysis Monash University implements the four Ps of marketing mix strategy i.e. Product/Service, Price, Distribution, and Promotion. The Below given table indicates the short description of marketing strategy. Product It includes the Universities updated programs or courses for the students for various streams. The courses offered by the university in the field of Engineering, IT, Business and Pharmacy for all students (Lilien and Grewal, 2012). Distribution The university offers the full-time residential programs and distance learning certifications for international and local students. Along with this it also offers the courses for Working professionals who wants to get early promotions in their company. This strategy helps University to get higher enrollments. Price Monash University adapts the flexible pricing strategy for the students according to their aptitude exams scores. The university gives the scholarship to the students on the basis of their scores in ILETS and TOEFL (Gajic, 2012). Promotion The university used the print and electronic media (Newspapers, TV, Ads, Social media and Hoardings) for promotions. Along with that, the university participates in education fair every session to get a maximum number of admissions for their offered courses. PEST Analysis Political Factors The Australian government has taken many initiatives in the field of education programs. Australia literacy rate is good i.e. 96% both in male and females at the age of 15-24 years in 2013.The stable Australian political environment supports University to provide an excellent education to their students (ABS, 2017). Economic Factors It is one of the largest capitalist economies in the world. The service sector contributes maximum in their economy. The current employment rate is 61% that is higher as compared to last year (Austrade, 2017). These factors help the university to encourage maximum students to pursue their studies. Social Factors The mixed culture, high literacy rate and modern living standards of the people encourage students towards good education. The good social values support University to maximum registrations in different courses. Technological Factors The government spends majorly in technology and infrastructure. These investments help University to provide updated courses for students. Though, huge investments of government it is beneficial for students to become a good entrepreneur. Competitor Analysis The Literacy rate increases in Australia in the past recent years. Moreover, Australia is the most excited college destination choice for the local and international students. According to the latest survey of education consultants, it depicts that 88% of students are satisfied with Australian education. Moreover, 65% of the international students pursue their studies from Australian universities (UNESCO, 2017). These studies and factors make the environment competitive in the education field. Moreover, there are many competitors exists in the market which offers the same courses at attractive prices and benefits. Monash adopts the flexible fees structure, practical learning approach and industry oriented courses to remain competitive in the market. Moreover, Monash recruits the experienced faculties and continuously innovations in their syllabus according to the changing market trends. The Below given table depicts the list of competitors and their strengths and weaknesses. Name of Competitors Strength and Weakness 1) Australian National University Variety of courses and good reputation in market Fees structure is high as compared to other universities 2) University of Melbourne Industry oriented learning approach Limited presence 3) University of Sydney Facilities and amenities are good Focus more on theoretical approach. SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis helps the University of assess its main factors to become competitive in the market. Strengths Oldest University and highest students enrollments every year. High Interaction with students and faculty Practical learning approach Industry oriented courses at flexible prices Good environment and infrastructure (van Wijngaarden, 2012). Weaknesses Lack of funding and financial support for faculty scholarship Teaching approach is tough that makes it difficult for students to understand the concepts Focus more on research studies only Resources are not adequate for recruitment, selection, retention, and marketing Opportunities Online education opens more opportunities for University to capture high market share Education reforms in many countries that benefit the University to target more students Australian government flexible policies in the areas of education enrichment International and Off-campus (distance learnings programs) Migration of International students for higher studies is increasing in recent years. Threats High competition in the education field Retention of qualified faculty is difficult for the university if higher salaries are offer from competitors (UIS, 2017). Value and Brand Positioning Analyses Monash University is developing its reputation and value due to its advanced and updated teaching methods. Moreover, it is also the oldest university in the Victoria State. The industry-oriented learning approach and flexible fees structure with good amenities positioned distinct in the Australian education sector. Besides this, the University supports the students through their online and executives programs which help to cater the current needs of the corporate environment. Simultaneously university conducts the training and career progression programs for the students to enhance their capabilities and learning skills (MU, 2017). The Universities also tie up with the different communities to enhance their brand value in the market. Conclusion As per the above report analysis, it is concluded that Monash University has performed well in the education industry. It is the leading university with the highest number of national and domestic students. Moreover, it is also found that the various marketing and communication models effectively generate the positive results for the university that will benefit to remain competitive in the industry. Internal and external analysis like PESTLE, SWOT, and Competitive and value analysis reveals the opportunities and issues present in the industry. References Australianuniversities (2017). Australian Universities [Online] Retrieved from Monash University (2017). Courses [Online] Retrieved from Intead (2017). You have your student segmentation, now what? [Online] Retrieved from Gajic, J., (2012). IMPORTANCE OF MARKETING MIX IN HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, Singidunum journal 2012, 9 (1): 29-41. Peter, J. P., and Donnelly, J. H. (2011).Marketing management: knowledge and skills: text, analysis, cases, plans. Plano: Business pub., INC. Lilien, G. L., and Grewal, R. (2012).Handbook on business to business marketing.USA: Edward Elgar Publishing. Austrade (2017). Australia Unlimited [Online] Retrieved from UNESCO (2017). Education : Literacy rate [Online] Retrieved from van Wijngaarden, J. D., Scholten, G. R., and van Wijk, K. P. (2012). Strategic analysis for health care organizations: the suitability of the SWOT?analysis.The International journal of health planning and management,27(1), 34-49. UIS (2017) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis [Online] Retrieved from Monash University (2017) MBA5707 - Data analysis in business.[Online]. Retrieved from Landzine (2017). Monash University Caulfield Campus Green.[Online]. Retrieved from Landzine (2017) Monash University Caulfield Campus Green.[Online]. Retrieved from ABS (2017). Australian Social Trends, Dec 2011 [Online] Retrieved from

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Benedictine Values Essay Sample free essay sample

Benedictine life. like that of all Christians. is first and foremost a response to God’s amazing love for world. a love expressed in the free gift of God’s beloved Son. Jesus Christ. Love. the motivation for cloistered life and its end. ace St. Benedict’s list of tools for good plants ( RB 5:10. 7:67-69. 4. 1-2 ) . Yet the Rule recognises many ways in which monks can neglect to anchor their lives in love. It sets up personal and communal patterns that deal straight with human selfishness wherever it occurs and seeks to mend the ensuing injury to one’s ego and others. Ultimately it is the power of God’s love that is decisive. Indeed. the coronating good work for the monk is â€Å"never to lose hope in God’s mercy† ( RB 4:74 ) . Prayer Benedictine schools cultivate a cardinal heed to the ways in which God is present in the human head and bosom and. We will write a custom essay sample on Benedictine Values Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page so. in all creative activity. St. Benedict directs that nil is to be preferred to prayer ( RB 43. 3 ) . This day-to-day experience of supplication is supported and deepened by single religious reading. a pattern that Benedictines call by its Latin name. lectio divino. Lectio divina is the slow brooding reading of Bibles and other sacred texts with the purpose of spoting how God is at work right now in the universe and naming within the individual’s ain bosom. For a cloistered. the day-to-day motion between common liturgical supplication and lectio divino opens up new infinite within where qualities and virtuousnesss such as compassion. unity and bravery can develop and turn strong. Stability Stability shapes a Benedictine manner of life. All of its members commit themselves to seeking God. They resolve to prosecute this. their heart’s deepest desire. together. twenty-four hours in and twenty-four hours out. in good times and in bad. throughout the full span of their lives. Stewardship At its nucleus the Rule seeks to further a cardinal fear toward the creative activity that God has made. St. Benedict exhorts his followings to see all the tools and goods of the monastery as the sacred vass of the communion table ( RB 31. 10 ) . Benedictine monks do non merely utilize up what has been given to them. nor do they take to populate in poorness. Alternatively. they prize good stewardship. the respectful usage of material things for the good of all. with a particular oculus to frugalness. unity of signifier and map. and the capacity of beauty to pass on the presence and power of God. HOSPITALITY St. Benedict sees Christ nowadays within the monastery in Scripture and Holy Eucharist. and in the individual of the archimandrite. abbess. the ill. and each of the members of the cloistered community. However. St. Benedict agreements particular attending to Christ’s unexpected reaching from exterior in the individual of the invitee. whom he describes alternately as hapless and as a alien. Christ nowadayss himself in the outsider’s exposure and calls the cloistered to set aside single programs and pre-occupations in order to allow the unexpected individual in. to assist them acquire established. to react to their most urgent demands. And when the foreigner comes to see being â€Å"at home† in this new topographic point. for nevertheless brief the stay. the cloistered discovers new consciousness of the common journey in which all are engaged. A approval accompanies both the offering and the receiving of cordial reception. Community Benedictine cloistered community is rooted in a peculiar topographic point in which common service. particularly in the everyday countries of mundane life. is demanded of all with no outlook of single wages. It is a challenge to lend to a life. flesh and blood community on such footings. The qualities of character that are required are nurtured by the single community’s sense of its mission. the informant of cloistered forbears and the broader Communion of saints across the ages. The imaginativeness to persist and boom in such a life is enriched through the illustration of communities across the universe – cloistered and nonmonastic. Christian and non-Christian. spiritual and non-religious – that make sustained practical attempts to further human wellbeing. frequently in the face of overpowering obstructions. Though straight grounded in a peculiar topographic point. the committednesss and aspirations of Benedictine life can merely bear fruit if they stretch to sk ylines that are genuinely cosmopolitan. JUSTICE AND PEACE The purpose of the Benedictine life is to happen peace. It is non something that we sit about and wait for – we must prosecute it. work for it. set out seeking to accomplish it. Peace is non another word for inactive or disengaged or removed from the universe. It is an active ordination of life so that peace is the result. Benedict is offering us a manner to ticket peace in our Black Marias and beyond. Peace is a characteristic of merely communities – inharmoniousness and unfairness create tenseness. green-eyed monster and irritation. Peace can non be in that environment. For peace to reign. justness is cardinal. So a Benedictine community has an built-in desire to convey about justness. This means that we recognise that there is nil in the universe that is non first in the human bosom. In all Black Marias and in our communities. we must seek peace and prosecute it. CONVERSATIO The purpose of life for Benedictines is the same as it is for all Christians – to be transformed in every portion of one’s life so that God’s really image. in which each has been created. becomes tangible and transparent. The Benedictine word for this manner of life is conversotio. the procedure of allowing travel in daily life of egoistic preoccupations and false securities so that the godly life at the nucleus of one’s being becomes manifest in a trusty form of life. Conversatio is a committedness to prosecute in patterns that over a lifetime bring about transition into the similitude of Christ and. in peculiar. Christ’s giving of ego for others. This transmutation proceeds harmonizing to little stairss ; and it is tested in unexpected ways over a life-time. To come to fruition conversatio requires stableness. subject. fidelity and resiliency. Obedience Benedictine life is unthinkable without obeisance. a value that cuts against the grain of much in modern-day life. It is frequently forgotten that the root of the word obeisance is found in audire. â€Å"to listen. † When St. Benedict begins the Rule with the exhortation â€Å"Listen. † he emphasises the stance of obeisance required of all who seek wisdom. He asks for obeisance non merely to the religious caput of the monastery. but to the other members of the community ( RB 7i: l-2 ) . Each has something of value to state about true comprehensiveness of life. For the cloistered. obeisance is seting into pattern what is learned by listening to the other â€Å"with the ear of the heart† ( RB Prol. 1 ) . Centuries of Benedictine experience show that such hearing requires a willingness to subject to imperatives outside of the ego. something that is neer easy to make. but that is profoundly honoring. Discipline Discipline is a manner of concentrating energy and attending on what matters most. Benedictine life is built around a cardinal subject of supplication. work and relationships that is set Forth in the Rule and that seeks to free people to take delectation in God’s presence within the ego. the community and the universe. New members are taught how to cultivate subject and to gain that it takes a life-time of pattern to develop to the full the accomplishments needed to populate life freely and wholeheartedly on the deepest of degrees. HUMILITY Humility is St. Benedict’s word for wisdom. He begins his drawn-out description of the 12 grades of humbleness by depicting awe at the staying presence of God and ends picturing a love that casts out fright ( RB 7 ) . The Benedictine manner of life seeks an accurate cognition of ego. a permeant consciousness of God’s presence in their lives and their dependance on others and creative activity itself. They recognise their restrictions without losing hope and accept their gifts without going arrogant because the step of their lives is non found in themselves entirely. There is ever room for extra personal growing. for giving one’s ego for the good of others.

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Attention Shoppers!

Attention Shoppers! "Attention Shoppers! The store will close at twelve due to the session!" It was the night before Christmas and I had one last present to buy for my mom. I had already got the rest of my family's presents and I had less then 30 minutes to get the last gift. The store was full everywhere I turned there was someone bumping my shoulder. I went to the jewelry department I did not have a lot of money to work with ($15.74 to be exact). I was looking for something that would mean a lot to my mom.As I was browsing through the jewelry department I stumbled past a display of gold rings. When I started to look through them I thought it was hopeless since most of them were men rings. All of a sudden I stopped and stared at the most perfect ring. It was gold with a mother and her son holding hands.I Am a WalletAll was good until I checked the price tag. It read $20.99. At this time I felt like all was lost. As I started to walk away I noticed a saint of a sign. The sign spoke of a 50 percent sale on all jewelry. Without thinking I turned around and took the ring to a register. This was all so perfect and there was but fifteen minutes left for the store to closed and I had all my shopping done. When I got to the register I placed the ring on the counter and waited for my tally, I reached for my wallet when all I found was pocket lint. My wallet had been picked pocketed. After settling down from the shock of my wallet gone missing, I went to put the ring back. On the way back thoughts were going...

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Inflation, Disinflation and Deflation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Inflation, Disinflation and Deflation - Essay Example It is usually seen when the prices of products within the economy deep from their current levels to much lower levels over time. Disinflation occurs within the economy only for a short time, and it takes place especially when an economy is undergoing a recession. Deflation is the decrease which takes place in the cost of products, when the rate of inflation goes below zero percent. Its greatest effect is that, over time, it increases the value of the currency being used within the economy. This ensures that one is able to buy more products with the same amount of money which they had when inflation was taking place. These three aspects of the economy are extremely powerful in determining how it is working, whether it is doing well or not. Furthermore, the central banks use the measurements of these aspects in order to determine what their fiscal policies are going to be. Inflation can be termed as the gradual rise, over a certain period, of the cost of products in a financial system (Hartwig 23). In addition, when inflation takes place, it is always found that the value of the currency used in a particular economy also decreases. This is because the money available in the economy is able to purchase a limited number of products when compared to the previous period. All the countries in the world whose economies are connected to money have a way of finding out the inflation rate of their currency. Every year, the percentage of inflation is calculated and the result is often used in the planning of the budget for the forthcoming year. Inflation has a massive effect on how the economy works, and this effect is sometimes positive, or negative, depending on the situation. One of the negative effects of inflation is that it becomes extremely risky to hold onto large sums of the currency, which is undergoing inflation, because one does not